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Cold Jealousy, Warm Affection


Fandom: Kagerou Project/Mekakucity Actors

Characters: Kano Shuuya, Kido Tsubomi (KanoKido duh)

Summary: Kido have been looking after a kitten that come by during winter and Kano got jealous.

Comment: This is our, Tsunderes-and-Cats and my, RP that came after we talked over on Kido’s love on kitty cats. Someone requested when I mentioned it on Tumblr sometime ago…but forgot who…I seriously need to update my request list “OTL

Also something like the omake


HibiHiyo edit from Meeeee! OwOPls give a credit if you wanna post my picture edits from another page … :/ Dont Steal! …|SHUYURIEE|


HibiHiyo edit from Meeeee! OwO

Pls give a credit if you wanna post my picture edits from another page … :/ Dont Steal! …


daze/days novel: my little daze (translation)


I translated the daze/days novel!! thank you to mekakushittiactor for providing the scans, I’m sorry it took so long;;;; ayano is the cutest aaaaaaa I nearly cried while translating this just because she’s so adorab l e (///w///)

(ehh also I didn’t proofread this wwww please let me know if you find a mistake orz)

※Please don’t distribute this translation without my permission! Support the creators (i.e. jin-sama~) by buying the album here ^^

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Three Generations of Medusa’s Hair Situation

By 夕映 (Yue)

Permission to translate and post this comic was granted by the original artist. Redistribution is prohibited.

T/N: The title is a pun on Konoha no Sekai Jijou. Translated for soalxlia.


Anon Asked: Can you draw chibi Konoha just crying a lot and being miserable and/or in pain?

I… I got carried away. * 7*)9;;; Whenever I see Konoha referred to as “Haruka,” this is all I think of…???


Disney movies in order of historical setting

(Excludes most of the package films. Some films, eg The Lion King, are impossible to pin down exactly and some, like Aladdin and Treasure Planet, are anachronistic, so these are estimations. A few have been split into 2 if there is more than one time period in the movie, and sequels have been put together.)